Why Should You Hire a Professional to Pressure Wash Your Home in Greenville, SC?

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Let’s face it. We live in Greenville, South Carolina…It’s hot, humid and everything turns green. They don’t call it Greenville just because. Here in the Upstate of South Carolina our long summers and mild winters make it the perfect place to live and enjoy the outdoors.

This also provides the perfect breeding ground for algae, moss, mildew and mold as well as countless other species that love to grow on the sides of our homes. Not only are these invaders unsightly but they can cause health, safety and structural damages to your home. Without regular preventative maintenance your home can be overtaken.

Usually after a couple of years of a dirty home you decide it is time to clean your own home. You buy the Ryobi Electric pressure washer and are ready to tackle the dirty driveway, patio and vinyl siding. Five hours into your Saturday you realize the dirt isn’t coming off as fast as advertised on those commercials. You end up drawing graffiti on your driveway and side of your home and call it a day. Your home is still dirty but now it has your personal touch on it.

Here at Matt The Driveway Guy we see this all the time. It’s noble to want to take care of your home. But the average homeowner does not have the proper equipment to clean their home efficiently. The Big Box stores sell pressure washers by pushing PSI and taking the focus away from GPM which is the “secret sauce” of pressure washing.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Red Adair

Without the proper equipment there is very little you can do besides blast high pressure wand lines into your vinyl siding and driveway. So not only are you wasting a weekend away from the family. You are damaging your home and creating costly repairs!

We clean hundreds of homes a year and see the same thing over and over again. We come out to fix the mistakes of the unaware homeowner that ends up costing themselves much more than hiring a professional in the first place. So next time you get the itch to clean your own home make sure you consult the professionals first!

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